Extend Your Home In The Budget: Few Simple Ideas

Published on 06/30/2021

If you are living in a smaller home, there will be times when you feel it a bit cramped up, and you will wish to have a little more space. It’s not quite easy for everyone to switch to a bigger home, and they will need to find some alternate solution. If you are in search of some ideas, you have landed at the right spot. The ideas that we will discuss here are quite versatile. You will also get to explore your creativity in adding some extra functionality. Without any further ado, let’s go through a range of customization/renovation ideas that you will get to implement without much hassle quickly. We want to recommend opting for professional help so that the changes or extensions you are doing are also monitored in security and strength.

Extend Your Home In The Budget

Extend Your Home In The Budget


Add Another Story

Yes, you might think it’s not that cheap as it might seem. But, when you look at a macro level, it’s way more affordable than going for a completely different home. You can add another story to your existing construction, and it will add a significant space for you. It will also add value to your investment over time in case you want to sell the property.

Room-In-Roof/Attic Conversion

The attic space will remain unused, and you can transform it into a double-bed room. It will not only make use of an existing space, but you will also be able to do it within budget. Unlike the basement, you will not need to take any permission from the authorities.

Build a Garden Room

When you are not able to find any extension space in the existing space, you can build a totally separate space in your garden. The space that you are constructing can be your home office or you can also dedicate the space for the home theatre or gaming room.

Extend The Front

If you live in a cramped space, a space like a hallway can’t be left unused. You can build a porch, and this way, you can turn your hallway into a living area. Transforming these small spaces into a generous space will not take a heavy budget, and you won’t make a dent in your bank balance.

Remove a Wall

If you have bought a well-furnished or semi-furnished house, there might be some areas where you will need to do some tweaks. You can remove a wall or two to make a room or the hall bigger as per your requirements.

Make Fireplaces Smaller

Yes, it’s quite necessary to save up on energy resources, and you will get to save significantly by shrinking the size of your fireplace. To eliminate the chimney, you can add the catalytic converter that will allow you to clean all the harmful gases.

Make Fireplaces Smalle

Make Fireplaces Smalle

Make Use Of Pocket Doors

When you add some space outdoors, there will always be confusion about whether you should go for an open or closed space. Once closed, it’s a win-win situation where once completed. You will get a walled enclosure and open them to get an open space. It will also be relatively cost-effective.

Put Windows In Sync With Scenery

While you are extending your current space, make sure that the new windows or any opening are in complete sync with the best possible view. It should also give you privacy, and if it’s a bedroom, the window should be a low-level one for the best idea.
These are a few options that you will get to implement to extend your space smartly. If you don’t own a car, the garage can be the best place to renovate first.