Add These Security Devices At Your Home: Top 5 Picks

Published on 03/23/2022

The number of criminal cases is increasing daily, and it’s high time for us to give our home security serious attention. Various devices are now available in the market, and thanks to the number of brands working in this field, the devices are available at much cheaper costs and well within the budget. There are times when we are on vacation, and there is simply no way for us to get any update on our homes. The conventional home security systems are costly, and you will also have to sign lengthy contracts before getting them installed. Now, thanks to the introduction of IoT devices, anyone can install a set of security tools at their place. These devices are significantly helpful in ensuring that you are at utmost peace of mind while you are away from your home on a work trip or a vacation. The intelligent devices that we are going to discuss here are highly intuitive, and they will pair right up with your smartphone. Any alert or motion will instantly notify you using a push notification. We have also been offered some subscription options that allow us to use more advanced features, such as automatically informing us of the suspicious activity to the authorities.

Add These Security Devices At Your Home Top 5 Picks

Add These Security Devices To Your Home Top 5 Picks


A 360-Degree Camera

Among a range of security cameras, the one with rotational abilities will significantly improve its worth. A 360-degree camera will let you record a more expansive area where you will have the option of setting it up for manual rotation, or you can go for a set interval. The camera will move itself to the set angles in that specified time. The resolution here given by the Mi camera will be FHD, and the vertical movement will provide you with a FOV of 96-degree.

Motion Sensors

Security cameras aren’t susceptible when it comes to motion. If you are looking for a tool that can alert you with any indication, we suggest going for the motion sensors. These devices use infrared technology to detect any motion, and once you pair your phone using the companion app, you will be instantly notified.

Smart Plugs

The term safety doesn’t only relate to burglary and theft, the electronic devices that we use also require protection from the fluctuating power scenes. The available smart plugs will give you the peace of mind of the power being instantly cut off in case of any abnormality and offer your device the protection it needs. Also, these plugs will make your wired devices completely wireless by giving you the option of powering on/off right from the smartphone.

Camera Doorbell

Sometimes, someone has knocked on the door, but you aren’t sure whether to unlock the door without confirming first. The best solution that you can implement is to install a doorbell. The intelligent doorbells that are available in the market are equipped with a camera, and you will get the direct feed on your smartphone or any screen. These doorbells also come with dual-way audio so that you can talk to the other person.

Camera Doorbell

Camera Doorbell

Smart Bulbs With Motion Sensor

Any intruder will run away as soon as they find out that the space they are attempting their burglary on is occupied. We highly recommend adding a few innovative lighting options in the visible areas from outside. You can pair these lights with the motion sensors so that the lights get on as soon as there is an unwanted motion detected in the restricted area.